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Area Business: Clearwater Beach, Pinellas County,  Central Florida's Gulf Coast

Pinellas County is fortunate to have a great diversity of small businesses and a selection of well-known companies like banks, grocery stores and department stores.  If you feel the need for "big city" shopping, a quick trip over to Tampa or St. Pete will fulfill that yen.

Real Estate
Shopping Centers and Malls

Shopping in Pinellas County and nearby

Shopping in our area varies from the larger all inclusive big malls to a multitude of smaller strip malls and a shoppers paradise of boutique shops. These are the local malls, there are many more in the Tampa Bay area across the Skyway Bridge.

Grocery Stores

Clearwater Grocery Stores

Here are the well known chains that are located in Pinellas County. We also have some excellent, smaller shops that you will notice in your travels. Beach, Tampa Bay, FL

Pharmacies and Hospitals

Clearwater Pharmacies and Hospitals

Need a prescription filled or just need to pick up some toiletries? Here is a list of some of the larger chains throughout the county. Many of the chain grocery stores also have a pharmacy. Beach, Tampa Bay, FL


Clearwater Beach Newspapers

The Tampa Bay Times and the Tampa Tribune are also available by subscription or in the many newspaper racks located throughout the area. Our area has several smaller papers that cater to a smaller geographical area within the county. These are available in many grocery stores and other locations.

  1. Tampa Bay Times
  2. Tampa Tribune
  3. Clearwater Gazatte

Clearwater Beach Area Restaurants

Eating out in the area is a breeze as there is a restaurant for everyone's taste, from drive through, home delivery, a relaxed sandwich or a special night of fine dining.


Clearwater Beach Banks

There are many national and community banks in Pinellas County. Here are a few so you can find a location near you., FL 33765